Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joe and Kaite in SC

Joe and Kaite visited Charleston for a weekend trip. Arriving later Thursday night, we didn't have too many events planned out. Certainly not as many events as the last time they visited South Carolina. Let's see what Charleston had in store for our visitors.

Friday night was the perfect time for a sunset cruise on the Ashley River.

Andy and Joe huntin' gators

Still no gators
Actually, I think that might be a gator!
Turns out the real motivation for inviting Joe and Kaite was to have Joe help Andy finish the guest bathroom projects that had been started prior to their visit. Hey, if you want to use the guest bathroom sink, you gotta install it first. AMIRITE!?!?!?
Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Kaite helping Joe lay some pipe... Hehehe...

Viola! An operational sink
After washing up in our newly operational sink, we headed to Hank's for some seafood and drinks.

Joe and Kaite's visit coincided with the PGA Championship that was held at Kiawah. Elisabeth secured some Sunday tickets from a patient and Joe bought a set off of Craigslist.

McIlory running away with the victory

A view of the 18th(?) hole


Lookiehere! Ain't we purdy?!?!

Joe with his shirt dedicated to his love of bacon
One last picture on our way out
Oh yeah, before you leave Joe, can you help(?) Andy hang the microwave? Some hosts we are.

Boom! One microwave hung... that makes three of us!! Haha, jokes
And, I'm out...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kitchen Update

Just a few iPhone pictures of the kitchen project, and as you can see has now led into a family room project..Excuse the mess

The demo before the hardwoods were installed

I'm in love with the new floors

The backsplash has been installed!!
 Remaining To Do list for the kitchen/family room renovation
-Place knobs on cabinet doors
-Hang the microwave
-Hang remaining doors with glass inserts
-Furniture for the family room (which has been ordered just waiting for delivery)

Just a reminder of what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house...
Happy Friday!
Man Cave project will be blogged about soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fourth of July Part 2

Day 3 found us taking an impromptu trip south towards Portland. We decided to take a detour down the Washington State side of the Columbia River Gouge. This drive wasn't new to Andy, as he lived near the Columbia River in Washington for a short while. Nevertheless, the views were spectacular. And we continued to have amazingly clear, sunny skies... as you can see.

Greg and Claire with the Columbia River in the background

Same view, without the fat guy and pasty girl
Onto the Oregon side of The Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge is littered with waterfalls and other scenic stops for lazy tourist that don't want to hike very far.
Here is one such stop: Horsetail Falls
LookieHere. Ain't they cute?

"Act NORMAL for once!"

Next stop, Multnomah Falls.

On a whim, we called about getting a room at McMenamins-Edgefield. None of us other than Claire had heard of this place, but what a surprise it was. The property consisted of a series of buildings that houses rooms, bars, restaurants, a brewery, and a winery. We arrived around 3:00pm, had lunch, and then some drinks. And some drinks. And some drinks. Uggh.

Here are some pictures.

Us sitting outside the brewery with hole 1 of the Par 3 course in the background
Hey look! A red door. Whatever!

The lovely couples
And then we went to the Winery. Yeeaaahhh... about that...

We have no clue what happened after this picture
Okay, let's not talk about that again. Deal? Deal.

On to Portland. Again, no plans. Who cares, we're on a roll. Last Day. Let's do this!

After an unsuccessful attempt to eat at a nice, brunch locale, we stumbled upon the Portland Saturday Market. Just what the doctor ordered.

Big Girl Gotta Eat!

We decided to relive our McPosey Wedding Weekend in Portland. First stop: Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade for some old-school arcade game playing.

Andy and Greg rocking some Contra

Claire at Ms Pac-Man
Next stop: Voodoo Donut - Site of the McPosey Wedding.
No one should eat this. Ever.

No more food for these two, please

Oh shit. We're eating again. Last stop, we promise. Back in Olympia, WA for dinner on the water.

And that's all she wrote, folks. The airport and a red-eye to Atlanta await. We had a great trip and we hope you enjoyed the pics. See you around.