Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This past weekend we celebrated our cousin Eric's birthday downtown and ate lots of oysters at the Lowcountry Oyster Festival

This was our first visit to the Lowcountry Oyster Festival...3,000 people and 80,000 pounds of oysters.  The festival is supposedly the world's largest oyster festival and rated one of the "top 20 events in the southeast" by Southeastern Tourism Society. We would have to agree it is a must do, well worth the 2 hour drive that should have been 30 minutes! The weather could not have cooperated any better...mid 60s in mid January...no complaining. Any takers for next year??

Monday night Andy and I finally made it to Verizon to update our phones (a blackberry and a droid with a cracked screen..we were due). We crossed into the world of the iPhone and are hoping for exciting things! :)
Hopefully I can get my husband to write a blog entry with his new phone. He promised to contribute his charm and wit...

Have a good week.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Some pictures of the progress we are making around our house...




Dining room

So far we have painted the room grey and added crown molding
and the next step is to paint the existing table navy blue and find new chairs

Half bath



                                            In the process

                                              Almost done

 Little by little we are getting projects done around the house.
PS maybe my photography skills will improve while taking so many pictures for our blog!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


This weekend included: restaurant week, a good friend visiting, Saturday brunch at our house, and a dinner celebrating my Poppa's 87th birthday.

The weekend started with Thursday night at EVO (Extra Virgin Oven) for restaurant week.  I went with the restaurant week menu 3 for $20 and Andy went with the seasonal menu.

strawberry and beet salad

farmers salad

The special pizza had butternut squash, cider braised cabbage, speck and mozzarella cheese

Andy had the famous pistachio pesto
{pistachio pesto, goat cheese, creme fraiche, house mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano and sea salt}
With the recommendation from the waitress we will try this with arugula and sausage at our next visit

The not so simple duo of local chocolate
dark chocolate and caramel with sea salt/peanut butter and chocolate fudge

This is the same thing as the chocolate heart from the previous picture but we had to buy some more to take home
Check out {sweeteethchocolate.com}

Even though there is no photographic evidence, Andy, Leigh and I went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at Cinnebarre. This was my first experience at Cinnebarre where there motto is Eat.Drink.Watch Movies.  I was not sure what to think of the concept, but we enjoyed some appetizers, a chicken sandwich and some beer and wine all while watching the movie.  I will also add the movie was well worth the money to see in theaters.  Very intense. 

Andy suggested brunch Saturday morning...(but I'm still convinced he just wanted me to clean the house and  he knows inviting people over is usually the only way it happens)

Before--Uncle John's biscuits and gravy
Before--huevos rancheros

Andy working hard

The girls caught up in the newly painted dining room...

while the boys held it down outside.

While we had good intentions Saturday night of heading downtown Charleston to take advantage of restaurant week, that did not happen.  It started raining and the temperature was quickly dropping.  We decided to stay close and head to a local Italian restaurant and end the night at a local beer cafe.
Andy and I always enjoy a visit from Leigh--Thanks Leigh for making the trip down to Charleston.

My Poppa Bob is celebrating his 87th birthday this week so we had a little get together (20 people) at my parent's house to celebrate.  Between three houses/ovens we were able to cook 12 slabs of ribs Sunday morning. I enjoyed spending time with cousins and listening to Poppa tell some of his favorite stories.

And the weekend is over.
Andy has made it safely to Chicago for his meeting tomorrow and I am preparing for a full work week.



Craig and Nikki's wedding weekend in Portland, Oregon
Ace Hotel in downtown Portland
Friday we ventured to Cannon Beach

This was our view on the drive from Cannon Beach to the Tillamook Cheese factory

I tried cheese curds and marionberry ice cream for the first time

hot chocolate and cinnamon pecan danish...delish

Wedding at the VooDoo donut shop

Andy was in heaven at Powell's Bookstore

Saturday night dinner and karaoke 

A good time was had by all...