Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let the Hawaii Fun Begin...

Our Hawai'i Trip Begins (<-- Look how smart I am! I spelled Hawai'i correctly.)

LAX SkyLounge. Not shown: Woody Harrelson talking on a house phone. Celebrity sighting #1.

First stop on the North Charleston Anti-Diet Tour: KCC Farmers's Market

An excellent little stop. Drinks at a random golf course.

You didn't think we wouldn't eat food out of a truck, did you?

First signs of FoodComa setting in

To quote the late, great Patrice O'Neal, "What do I need my feet for? I'm not a ballerina."

Joking ceases. Pearl Harbor photos to follow.

We didn't realize how many people died on the Arizona. Quite staggering.

Pearl Harbor Photos End. Let the Tomfollery continue...
A typical sunset from B&G's house. Orange hue courtesy of global warming.

First day done. What an adventure. More to follow. I think we could get use to this Hawai'i place.

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