Sunday, February 26, 2012


Day Three Begins.
Eating, hiking, eating, drinking, drinking, repeat.

The 5-hr time difference made the mornings early, yet enjoyable. Typical sunrise from the house.

Fruit for breakfast. Andrew would much rather it be stuffed into a Hawaiian roll with some sausage, but what can you do?

Hike #1 of the trip. The trailhead was a little difficult to find, but the reward was well worth the search, as you will see.

Halfway there.

This photo does not do Andrew's ability to produce sweat justice. The man is a walking, hairy geyser.
Views from atop the mountain. The lagoon was majestic. The Obama's vacation in the general area of this hike.

We made it! Group photo from the peak.

Other adventures of this afternoon included lunch at Buzz's and naps on the beach. Lack of photos disproves the existence of these events.

Ahhh... but we had dinner at Le Bistro, which is French for The Bistro. It was tasty. Here are some pictures.

Steak tartar. Not on the Le Bistro menu? Not a problem. Garrett demanded it and the chef obliged. #Balling

Tuna tartar

Escargot. Holy hell was this good!

Local Hawaiian fish, Opah

Another local Hawaiian fish, Onaga. Better than Opah.

Here lays the remains of a poor baby lamb soon to be inhaled by Andrew.

And to top it all off... some dessert pastries. Good, good.

All in all, another great day in Hawaii. We were able to explore the island, both by car and on foot. We had our first beach experience and ate an amazing dinner.

What more could we ask for???

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