Monday, March 26, 2012

Let the Madness Begin

Last weekend was suppose to be a guy filled weekend for Andy with lots of basketball and bros.  Our friend, Andy Nelson, was visiting from Los Alamos and Joe Ayers from Cincinnati was suppose to join for the festivities.  Unfortunately Joe got sick a few days before his flight down and was unable to make the journey to SC.  

I dropped Andy and Andy off in downtown Charleston at noon on Friday afternoon to watch basketball. They parked themselves at King Street Grill and didn't leave until Andrew, Doug, and Elisabeth came down for dinner. We ate same sushi, drank a few more beers, watched some late games, and finished the night off at a Cigar Bar. We drove out to Kiawah and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and watching more basketball.  

Friday night

Relaxing Saturday morning

Nesbitt enjoyed a day at the beach, minus the water

The boys check the crab pots.

Andy M caught one, Andy N caught about six. Nelson comes from a long line of crabsman

In hindsight, the ends are not worth the means

Happy St. Patrick's Day

On a side note, this is my Pinterest inspired Spring decoration. I'm looking forward to a Spring full of beach days, family, friends and kitchen remodeling!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

25th Birthday

*Now that we have finished our Hawaii blogging, I can continue with our "every day" blogging!

Andy's mom and sister, Nancy, flew to Charleston for my birthday weekend.  Friday, the girls enjoyed a fun day of shopping at the outlets. Baby Edmondson won the prize for the best loot.  Friday night Nancy and Andrew joined us for dinner in downtown Summerville.  Saturday we went downtown Charleston for some sightseeing and shopping.  Doug and Rachael joined for dinner that night at Peninsual Grill.  I have been waiting for a special occasion to try this restaurant and my 25th birthday seemed like the perfect time! The weekend was topped off with brunch on Sunday at High Cotton with my family.

Oscar's Friday night

Saturday sightseeing

Nancy, next time you visit we will have some oysters!

Saturday night dinner

The following pictures are from Peninsual Grill

Their famous coconut cake

Sunday Brunch

BBQ Duck Hash

Huevos Rancheros (nowhere near as good as Andy's)

Thanks to Andrew and Nancy, I will be enjoying quick and easy picture uploads!
I am looking forward to seeing what my 25th year has in store.

Last day of vacation

Our last day in Hawaii. A bitter sweet moment.

Well, we figured that we might as well use the snorkeling gear we lugged all the way from South Carolina. So, we headed to Hanauma Bay, which was described as "snorkeling in an aquarium." How right they were. Upon arriving at the park, the ranger informed us that one person had already been stung by a jellyfish and there were at least twenty jellyfish stings the day before. At this point, Andrew and Andy knew that Nancy was going to have none of Hanauma Bay. So, we stayed for ten minutes and took some pictures.

This is as close as Nancy would get to the jellyfish
So, we decided to veg-out at the Outrigger Canoe Club instead. Major thanks go out to Garrett for the week-long passes.
Elisabeth with one of her beverages

Nancy with her drink

Andy and Andrew weren't going to let the crossword puzzle get the best of them


One last sunset at Bobby and Garrett's. We will certainly miss these nights.

Bobby treated us to one last Hawaii dinner.


Stuffed Mushrooms

The sun setting one last time.
Well, that was it. Not much longer after this picture was taken, we headed to the airport to catch our red-eye to LAX, then onto Atlanta and a 5 hour drive back to Charleston. Trip of a lifetime!

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2012

We started our day with a long hike up Diamond Head. Great views from the top. The "trail" was a little more touristy that we would've like, but it was a nice little workout.

We started our hike near that lighthouse. Quite the hike.

Nancy and Andrew at the top

Andy and Elisabeth made it too.
Diamond Head has WWII pillboxes at its top.
Stairs to the pillboxes.

A view through the Diamond Head crater

After our hike, we helped ourselves to some midday Margaritas.
Nancy with a nice view of our waterfront table

After our Margaritas we headed back to the house for a little walking in the lagoon.

At low tide, we were able to walk nearly a quarter mile out into the lagoon.
Nancy and Andrew with the house in the background.

A great view of the house

The water was pretty tame with the exception of some interesting folliage

Little did we know that a storm was headed our way

Another beautiful sunset

Andrew and I took the ladies out to a nice Valentine's Day dinner. As Bobby and Garrett warned, the dinner was a little overpriced, but we had a nice time.

The Crew on Valentine's Day

Elisabeth with her Valentine's Day Lei

Nancy with her Valentine's Day Lei

Elisabeth's risotto was presented in a most unique way
Andrew and Andy settled for a steak and a fish, both of which were not too great. Nancy's fish was selected as the best dish, Unaga.
Andy's Valentine's Day dinner. Nothing too great

Nancy's fish selection, Unaga. The best Valentine's Day meal

Andrew's steak

We passed on dessert in hopes of finding some sweets elsewhere, but, sadly, we struck out. We had to keep the sweets we brought.

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