Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last day of vacation

Our last day in Hawaii. A bitter sweet moment.

Well, we figured that we might as well use the snorkeling gear we lugged all the way from South Carolina. So, we headed to Hanauma Bay, which was described as "snorkeling in an aquarium." How right they were. Upon arriving at the park, the ranger informed us that one person had already been stung by a jellyfish and there were at least twenty jellyfish stings the day before. At this point, Andrew and Andy knew that Nancy was going to have none of Hanauma Bay. So, we stayed for ten minutes and took some pictures.

This is as close as Nancy would get to the jellyfish
So, we decided to veg-out at the Outrigger Canoe Club instead. Major thanks go out to Garrett for the week-long passes.
Elisabeth with one of her beverages

Nancy with her drink

Andy and Andrew weren't going to let the crossword puzzle get the best of them


One last sunset at Bobby and Garrett's. We will certainly miss these nights.

Bobby treated us to one last Hawaii dinner.


Stuffed Mushrooms

The sun setting one last time.
Well, that was it. Not much longer after this picture was taken, we headed to the airport to catch our red-eye to LAX, then onto Atlanta and a 5 hour drive back to Charleston. Trip of a lifetime!

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