Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thursday-North Shore

Thursday brought our longest journey while in Hawaii. Our first stop was the Banzai Pipeline Body Boarding Competition.

The beach was packed with tourists and locals alike.

I guess the "No Swimming" sign doesn't apply to the bodyboarders

One of the great pictures Elisabeth took
This day also found us stuffing our faces once again. First stop, a local joint called Ted's.

Ted's Famous Garlic Shrimp dined upon by Elisabeth and Nancy

Andy's Teriyaki Beef

Andrew's Pile of Slop

By ordering enough food, we were welcomed to some of Ted's famous Chocolate Cream Pie. I think we took one too many from the fridge. Whoops. 

Nancy, never one for going with the flow, insisted we try out a "private" beach she found in one of her books. As Andrew put it, "private" beach means "rocky shitty" beach.
Rocky Shitty Beach

Well, it had only been 20 minutes or so since we had eaten, so it was obviously time to eat some Shave Ice.

The hoards

All flavors looked the same, but that yellow goo was condensed milk. Yuck!

Andrew's Shave Ice included beans. Yup, beans.

After a short drive through North Shore, we headed south toward the Dole Plantation. 

A Dole Whip. Unfortunately, it didn't taste as good as it looked.
Oh yeah, the Dole Plantation had a whole bunch of touristy junk, including a maze. Guess who did the maze? Also, guess what the weather was like during our maze adventure. Not sure? See if this picture helps.
The Dole Plantation Maze Winners!

We finally made it back to the house just in time for another great sunset.

Garrett had been slaving away at dinner while we were gone. 

Prepped and ready to cook

The final product. Excellent meal!

Chef Garrett-Son
Well, that was our Thursday in Hawaii. The number of days are getting shorter. Not much time left.

By: Andy

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