Sunday, March 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2012

We started our day with a long hike up Diamond Head. Great views from the top. The "trail" was a little more touristy that we would've like, but it was a nice little workout.

We started our hike near that lighthouse. Quite the hike.

Nancy and Andrew at the top

Andy and Elisabeth made it too.
Diamond Head has WWII pillboxes at its top.
Stairs to the pillboxes.

A view through the Diamond Head crater

After our hike, we helped ourselves to some midday Margaritas.
Nancy with a nice view of our waterfront table

After our Margaritas we headed back to the house for a little walking in the lagoon.

At low tide, we were able to walk nearly a quarter mile out into the lagoon.
Nancy and Andrew with the house in the background.

A great view of the house

The water was pretty tame with the exception of some interesting folliage

Little did we know that a storm was headed our way

Another beautiful sunset

Andrew and I took the ladies out to a nice Valentine's Day dinner. As Bobby and Garrett warned, the dinner was a little overpriced, but we had a nice time.

The Crew on Valentine's Day

Elisabeth with her Valentine's Day Lei

Nancy with her Valentine's Day Lei

Elisabeth's risotto was presented in a most unique way
Andrew and Andy settled for a steak and a fish, both of which were not too great. Nancy's fish was selected as the best dish, Unaga.
Andy's Valentine's Day dinner. Nothing too great

Nancy's fish selection, Unaga. The best Valentine's Day meal

Andrew's steak

We passed on dessert in hopes of finding some sweets elsewhere, but, sadly, we struck out. We had to keep the sweets we brought.

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