Monday, March 5, 2012


Day Three?, Four? Ah hell, I can't remember. Just look at the photos.

Adventures for this day were many. Hike #3, crosswording on the beach, MaiTai Crawl, excellent dinner, and more!

Manoa Falls. This is what I think of as a "Hawaiian Hike". Very plush foliage, wet, rocky trails, and bugs.

It was hard to see where the vines started and the tree bases started.

This hike reminded me of Lost.

We made it! The Manoa Falls area has many, many possible hikes. The wet, rocky trails and our lack of adequate gear (re: lazy, fat) made this the last stop on our hike.
You see?!?! It's like he is drinking the waterfall!!!! LOL!!!

What a group.

Enough hiking. Bring us to the beach and bar!

Beach view from the Outrigger Canoe Club. Week membership courtesy of Garrett.

Then, we thought it would be a good idea to do a little Mai Tai Crawl with Bobby. Ha! We are dumb.

Anything look odd with this Mai Tai? Keep looking. Yep, there isn't much yellow (pineapple juice) but a whole lotta brown (rum). 

Mai Tai #2. Andy's favorite. Tasted a little less rummy than #1.

Oh God! This photo is awful. I think it's in here to highlight the umbrella/outfit. But God is it terrible. 

A little journey down the beach to our 3rd stop on the Mai Tai Crawl.

Mai Tai #3. Andrew's favorite. At this point, Elisabeth and Nancy decided it might be best to share their drinks. Wimps!

Mai Tai #4, Duke's. The last on our stop, much to the objections of Andy and Andrew.

And we make it back safely to the house. Not much time to waste. Dinner at Sorabol awaits!

Andrew was the only one of the four to have eaten Korean before this night. Little did we know how much food was in store for us.

These are just the appetizers. Good thing we brought Elisabeth's tapeworm.

Unagi (eel) served in an inventive way.

Sashimi appetizer. Squid, tuna, salmon, etc.

Now for the entrees. Spicy, spicy, spicy chicken, lettuce dish, pork, etc.

The fat, happy group. Not pictured: Andy

Mai Tai, Spotty, and Boodels await our return.

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