Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend included an impromptu trip to Columbia, saying "see you later" to friends, and enjoying the Spring weather.
Friday afternoon Andy drove up to Columbia to close on our house.  No, we are not moving to Columbia, instead we are investing in a house for Robert and his friends to reside in while they attend USC. We are venturing into the rental property with my parents and hoping all goes well. I was not suppose to go to Columbia but ended up driving up for the evening. We went out for a delicious meal and a few drinks with a good friend.
Robert's new house
This is coming back from the house in Columbia to our dining room.
Celebrating the new house.

Always good to see Justin.

Saturday night we went to a going away party for our friends, Michelle and Greg, who we meet through kickball.  They are moving back home to Ohio, and we will be seeing them again when we go back to visit Andy's family.  We left the party and headed downtown Charleston to meet up with some of my friends from hygiene school.  We enjoyed a few drinks and laughs before heading back home.

We spent Sunday morning outside at the 40th anniversary of the Flowertown Festival in downtown Summerville.  We had a bite to eat and strolled through the arts and crafts tents.  I grew up going to the festival, but have not been in about five years.  I was grateful for the childhood memories the day brought back.  After the festival we came home to do some yard work and enjoy the rest of the day outside.  Andy left today for New Mexico until next Saturday.  While he is gone I will be working 4 full is to hoping I can make it through!


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