Sunday, June 24, 2012

Memorial Day

Finally catching up on some posts. We know you have missed us. Enjoy!

As is typically the case, we enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day at the Lake with family and friends. Us, Andrew and Nancy, Doug and Rachael made the trek from Charleston. Leigh made it from Augusta, Eric came up from Macon, Adam, Tracy, Maggie, Stephen and Sam came from Cincy. And a big thanks to John, Connie, Ellen and Don for making sure the crew was well fed all weekend.

Check out this dam picture

These two look dam good

Not too dam bad

Doug was dam drunk, as you see
See, the captions in the photos above are jokes. You see, we were anchored up and hanging out by the Norris DAM, and I used puns to make funny jokes using the word dam, in the sense that one might use the curse word, damn. OMG!LOL!1!1!

A nice, scenic view just before dinner.

Sisters relaxing on an extremely hot day
Well, we hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more Total Maham adventures.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kitchen Progress

I'm back and I thought I would start with the progress of our kitchen.  We should be getting the sink and dishwasher hooked up this week, after what has seemed like ages.  We still have a little ways to go (floors, back splash, and glass panels), but at least we will be able to enjoy a meal in our very own kitchen.
These next few pictures were taken after the cabinets were installed.

After staring at our cabinets for the last three weeks we finally had our counter tops installed last week.

We are getting so close.